About Me…and Scrub Up

My creativity is channelled into many interests; cake decorating, painting, embroidery; just to name a few; oh, and of course, sewing. Sewing has been my main interest; self-taught initially and then further improved through obtaining a certificate in ‘Clothing Industry Manufacture’.


I’m told by many that I’m a perfectionist. I see myself more as having an eye for detail and a desire to perform the task to the best of my ability. My other traits are patience and persistence; I don’t stop until I’m happy with the result.


Scrub Up began from sewing bandanas for my daughter Emma who is a Surgical Nurse. She was dissatisfied with the boring fabrics and bad fit of the ones she’d bought. She wanted her scrub bandanas to reflect her personality; sometimes fun and quirky, sometimes pretty and feminine, so she asked me to make some for her.


It wasn’t long before Emma’s colleagues didn’t want to just admire her bandanas; they wanted to buy them. I went into bandana production mode and as the requests came in, the range grew to include fitted elastic back scrub caps and unisex biker style bandanas. This is what my first eBay customer had to say: "I have a bit of a thing for bandanas and t-shirts and trust me, your quality of material and sewing leaves the others for dead. I wear my bandanas a lot - when I ride my bike, working in the shade, such as the garden or the workshop and sometimes just around home. I have been spreading the word about your products already".


I’d always enjoyed buying fabric, but making the bandanas has definitely unleashed the ‘Fabric Monster’ within me. I’m always on the hunt for new and interesting fabrics which I buy in small quantities so my products are definitely not mass produced. Each item is cut and sewn as a ‘one of’.


The Scrub Up range now also includes shower caps. My shower caps have all the elements that I look for in a shower cap. They eliminate the frizzy hair syndrome, they’re soft, comfortable, waterproof and well made; they look good on or just hanging in the bathroom and they come in fun or pretty print fabrics and are machine washable. They are now being enjoyed by myself, my friends, their friends, work colleagues, mothers and mothers-in-law and many others.


Thanks to my family and friends who endured my incessant ramblings about fabrics and styles during the development phase of the Scrub Up brand. Thanks to my son-in-law to be, for his advice and for building my website so that I can take Scrub Up to the world.


Thanks to the many customers and returning customers who have supported me and to my new customers for having the confidence to try a Scrub Up product. You can always contact me through our online form


Sincerely yours