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ScrubUp Shower Caps for Girls: Are available in pretty and fun print fabrics. The jewel centred bow adds that extra sparkle that no girl can resist. The shower caps are soft, comfortable and above all functional and waterproof. Make bath or shower time a Fun Time.

ScrubUp shower caps are a great gift idea and handy to have in your gift stash.

  • One size fits most; sized to fit head circumference of approximately 56cm (22"). This size will fit from approximately a three year old up to an average adult head size with short to medium hair length.
  • The sizing accommodates most hair lengths and thicknesses; especially if hair is secured well.
  • The outer layer is made from 100% cotton.
  • The inner waterproof layer is colour matched to the binding trim. The waterproof fabric is made from a high quality 100% polyester knit fabric bonded with a breathable waterproofing film. It is not crackly or crunchy and is used where a waterproof finish with comfort is sought. Manufacturer recommends not adding Fabric Softener after laundering.
  • Swimwear grade elastic is encased between the two layers of fabric so it will not rub on your forehead or cut into your hair.
  • The outer edges are encased in poly-cotton or 100% cotton bias binding in a complimentary or contrasting colour.
  • ScrubUp shower caps are finished with a jewel centred snap on/off Designer Boutique Bow which can be removed if you want to freshen up your shower cap with hand or machine washing.
  • ScrubUp shower caps are machine washable – washing instructions are on the label. Manufacturer recommends not adding Fabric Softener after laundering.
  • Care should be taken to avoid contact between the cotton fibres and products such as facial cleansers as this may cause the fabric colours to run.
  • Australian made to a very high standard.
  • A limited number is made in each fabric and may be subject to availability.